Tuesday, July 26, 2011


These are a few collagraph artists that I like:

Five Elements Series: Fire (left) and Earth (right)

Eunice Kim puts modeling paste in a bottle and applies dots in the desired pattern onto a piece of mat board. After the dots have been applied she smooths the dots with a piece of paper and applies a coat of acrylic medium (this seals the plate). Kim desires simplicity within her art and uses her work to understand relationships. For more information on Eunice Kim you can click the link above which leads you to her artist statement on her website. 

"The Marina" from Ashment's Alaska Series

Candice Ashment begins her printmaking by making her own paper which is extremely hardcore. As Ashment is making her own paper she also makes her collagraph plates. The majority of Ashment's work that I have seen has all been objective compared to Kim's whose isn't. As an example, the picture above is of a print from Ashment's Alaska series. Ashment makes her collagraph plates by layering a variety of materials. After the plates are finished she seals them similarly to Kim, and begins printing. Ashment prints the plates with black ink and then goes back into them with watercolor. For more information on Candice Ashment please click the link above.

*Disclaimer*: These are just a few of the artists that I like, and for the "A Part Of A Whole" project your collagraph tiles don't have to be like the ones above at all. I'd be happy if you did a few squiggles with Elmer's glue or glued a leaf down.

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