Thursday, July 21, 2011

How do I make a collagraph?

Making a collagraph is really easy and only slightly time consuming. For this particular project you will need a 3 by 3 inch piece of mat board (which you can snag from your local art supply store, wal-mart, or you know, call Ashley), mod podge (that glue in the craft section that looks white and dries clear), a magic marker, and flat and textured stuff.
  1. Once you have your 3 by 3 inch piece of mat board, coat it with some mod podge, oh, you'll need a foam brush too. Let it dry.
  2. Once it's dry you can start adding stuff too it. Go outside and get some leaves, cut up some old clothes you don't wear anymore, grab a handful of sand, cut out some cool shapes from some card stock, you can draw a design with some Elmer's glue, or you could scratch into it with an x-acto knife. Glue the stuff to the mat board with the mod podge.
  3. Once that coat is dry you are going to need to do another one (I know this sounds like a lot of gluing, but that is the nature of the beast).
  4. Coat it again-this time make sure to do the back and the sides.
  5. Once that's dry write your name that I know you by on the back side with magic marker (it doesn't matter if it bleeds through on to the other side).
  6. Post it to me so that I can print it with the "A Part Of A Whole" project.

The only thing that you need to remember is that your image will print in reverse-so if you write anything make sure to write it backwards.

***Also note: If you can not obtain a piece of mat board (which is fine) you can use a flat piece of cardboard (like a cereal box, hamburger helper box, etc) which you can then cut to 3 by 3 inches using a ruler and scissors/x-acto knife. 

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